Dental Care for Seniors

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Dental Care for Seniors

As you age, seniors may need to make a few changes in the way they care for their teeth and gums. You are never too old to have healthy teeth and gums and it is still important to continue seeing your dentist! Your dentist wants to ensure you are maintaining a healthy mouth.

Seniors have particular focus in dentistry that needs to be catered to including prevention of illnesses that can be rooted in infections in the mouth. Our dental services related specifically to seniors are also focused on maintaining or even improving the quality of life.


Some dental issues arise with age including:

  • Darkened teeth – the enamel of your teeth can thin over time. Certain beverages and food also cause staining giving the teeth appearance of dark yellow
  • Tooth decay – over time bad habits of poor hygiene can take its toll, especially at the root of teeth, gums can be prone to infection, when it is exposed to acids, causing decay and gum disease
  • Tooth loss – As teeth become weaker over time, it is common to experience tooth loss. Implants and other alternatives to replace their missing teeth become more prevalent
  • Denture Care – As we age, changes in the shape of the mouth or poor hygiene, can cause what once fit, to fit incorrectly. At this point potential treatment and readjusting of the denture is needed or seniors may experience infection and inflammation due to the fungus build up under the denture if.


Providing comfortable dentures, procedures and education, allows daily functions in life such as talking or eating less wearisome and a better quality of life over time.

Complete Denture

An accident, disease or poor oral health can leave you with minimal healthy teeth or none at all. Using these artificial replacements for your natural teeth and gums maybe an option.


A complete denture, known as a full denture, or some refer to them as false teeth or plate, is a removable appliance used when all teeth within a jaw have been lost and need to be replaced for normal mouth function. Complete dentures are constructed to replace the missing teeth in an arch, hence it is an exclusively tissue-supported prosthesis.

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