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All About 3D Dental X-Ray Technology

Diagnostic technology has been improving at an incredible rate for the past several decades. Having the most innovative technology in a dental office allows us to provide the utmost care for our patients. More and more dentistry is going digital and at Horizon Dental, we are keeping up with the changes.


What Is 3D Dental X-Ray Technology?

X-ray imaging gives dentists a view of what they are diagnosing, and what is going on just below the surface of your teeth. 3D imaging, however, gives you a comprehensive surface and panoramic image of your teeth and all the surrounding oral structures.

The information provided by the 3D x-rays are imperative in the treatment planning stages for some services, which may require a highly detailed approach for maximum success. 3D x-rays give us the entire view of the jaw, including all the blood vessels, bones, and nerves, that is necessary for ensuring safe and effective dental care.

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How 3D Dental X-Rays work.

Recreating a 3D rendition of your mouth by projecting x-ray beams in the shape of a cone around your head. With this new technology the scanner exposes patients to less radiation than a traditional CT scan. 3D x-rays are captured quickly, and also provides a more in-depth look.

Benefits to patients from 3D Dental X-Ray.

Choosing a dental office that keeps up with the latest advances in technology especially related to dentistry, you are doing your part to make sure you and your loved ones receive the best quality of oral care. Benefits of 3D imaging:


Reduced radiation exposure. The scan takes less than a minute to complete. With 3D X-rays, positioning errors and retakes are a thing of the past, which helps reduce the amount of radiation to each patient.


Diagnostic Accuracy. 3D x-ray images ensure precise diagnostics for pathology, infections and abnormal sinus anatomy and joint dysfunction which can then be properly exposed.


Communication with the patient. Diagnoses and treatment planning can be communicated far more easily to patients with 3D images. This enables them to better understand treatment recommendations and to accept them more readily.


More efficient and precise. Allows dentists to see the entire mouth, and how the teeth align with one another and where they sit with in relation to each other also giving the option to zoom in on zones to examine specific areas of interest. This gives better visualization of the mouth including bone and soft tissue, allowing for early detection and possible intervention.


Non-Intrusive. No need to bite down on a mould or piece of plastic. The scan will take imaging of your entire head without you doing anything, which is helpful for those with sensitive gums or teeth.

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How safe are 3D Dental X-Rays?

Any type of X-ray uses a low level of radiation to create the images your dentist uses, this includes 3D x-rays. In fact you are potentially exposed for a shorter time, with less repeat scans, as it takes less than a minute. Precautions are taken during the scanning process, however, not recommended for pregnant women and smaller children.


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