Cerec Technology (same day crowns)

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Cerec Technology (same day crowns)

CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction. This computer system takes 3D impressions, used for fillings, crowns, and veneers, recreating the image in the computers virtual environment, where it then 3D prints your ceramic restoration. The advanced nature of this process allows dentists to build, create and implant individual ceramic restorations on the spot.


Ceramic restoration of a tooth is done with a highly specific machine using CERAC system technology. This appliance is a computer, camera and milling machine that precisely refines a block of porcelain or ceramic for the necessary dental restoration.


The amazing benefit to this whole system is Instead of the patient having to schedule follow up appointments for something as significant as crown work, the procedure can be done in one dental visit.


With the CEREC System, dental restorations such as crowns, onlays and inlays, are done on the spot, there’s no need to wait on lab work and/or reports. With the CEREC System machine, the reconstruction needed is constructed, strengthened and cemented in 60 – 90 minutes! Without CERAC it would take two or more appointments to make something as complex a crown. The materials made by the system are not only stronger than other material fillings, but when they are bonded into place, a tight seal forms keeping bacteria out.


Due to the extreme accuracy of the CEREC system technology, dental restoration is precise in replacing only the damaged part of the tooth to be removed.

Medical Instruments

Step 1: Scan

Spare your patients the discomfort of a conventional impression tray. Use the CEREC Omnicam, our small powder-free color camera, for precise 3D images in natural color. New: Use the Open Scan Export to easily export your scanned cases as STL files.


Step 2: Design

After analyzing the complete scan, the CEREC software generates outstanding restoration proposals. This takes you to the production stage faster. You benefit from the simple and visually appealing user interface.


Step 3: Produce

The CEREC grinding and milling unit and CEREC software are optimally matched. Milling/grinding the (solid zirconia) restoration design is extremely precise, giving the restorations smooth surfaces and edges and very fine fissures

Sinter and glaze

Step 4: Sinter and glaze

Full-contour zirconia restorations are sintered and glazed chairside in the compact CEREC SpeedFire. The induction technology allows unparalleled short sintering and firing times.

CEREC Technology – Same day crown

Aesthetically the metal free Zirconia crowns have a natural translucency of natural teeth, so the grey or off coloured hue that may appear with some titanium at the gum line is not concern for the natural look our patients like to attain.


Zirconia is a metal-free, ultra biocompatible and non-corrosive ceramic used for crowns. Zirconia is a widely used ceramic oxide that is non-reactive, and hypoallergenic, so inflammation is not common. Zirconia crowns are extremely hard and do not fracture easily unlike their predecessors, adding to the lifespan of your restoration.

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