5 Signs You Need A Same Day Crown

5 Signs You Need A Same Day Crown

Our everyday life and the food we eat can significantly affect our teeth. Your smile can lose its charm if your teeth are chipped, decayed, weakened, or face any other type of situation. Dental crowns can be the perfect solution for most of these issues and can return the lost charm of your smile. Dental crowns are the ideal solution to most teeth problems.

5 Signs You Need A Same Day Crown

Signs that show you need dental crowns:

The following are some signs that show you need same day crowns, or your teeth can damage further, and there is the possibility that you may lose all your teeth.

Teeth with big cavities.

Bacteria and other plaque can gather in your teeth and can burn through your teeth.

  • Typically, your dentist can remove the damaged tissue and replace it with fillings.
  • But using dental fillings for large cavities can reduce the strength of your teeth.

In these severe cavities’ issues, you need same day crowns to fulfill these cavities while keeping your teeth healthy.

Broken or fractured teeth

Teeth belong to the group of body parts that cannot heal itself.

  • If your teeth get broken, then the risk of infection and more damage will increase tenfold.
  • A dental crown can be fitted on your broken or fractured teeth, and it will be as good as new.

A dental crown keeps the tooth from getting further damage and restores its functionality.

Small or missed teeth.

Small or deranged teeth can reduce your confidence significantly. They can also provide a haven to bacteria and other germs and increase the risk of various other oral diseases.

  • A dental crown can save you from these conditions.
  • Your teeth can be redesigned to perfection with same day crowns and you will also get a confidence boost.

Chipped or stained teeth

Bad chewing and eating unhealthy snacks can take a toll on your teeth.

  • Although dental crowns are mainly used for restorative purposes, they can also make your teeth look beautiful.
  • Teeth that have chips or stains can also use a dental crown to conceal these things. Dental crowns can completely hide your teeth imperfections and make them look beautiful and healthy.

Dental implants and bridges

Edmonton Dentists also use dental crowns for various other teeth problems such as bridges and root canals. A dental crown is put on after root canal surgery to protect the tooth from damage and infections. When your tooth falls off, dental crowns are usually used to fill in the gaps after using implants and bridges. No matter what your issue is, dental crowns have the potential to solve it.


If you notice any signs mentioned above with your teeth, dental crowns can be an ideal solution for you. The best way of determining whether you need dental crowns or not is consulting with your doctor. They can offer you perfect solutions according to your specific problem.

 These signs are red flags that your tooth needs immediate attention, and you need to go to your dentist near you in Edmonton immediately. The perfect smile is essential as everybody firsts notices your smile.